I’m a Professional Photographer located in Auberry, CA serving clientele all over the mountain & Central Valley JUST LIKE YOU. Are you someone who cringes at the thought of taking pictures? Feel like you have a bad case of RBF (I truly have had clients tell me that!)? You feel you aren’t photogenic? You feel insecure about some specific features that holds you back from getting in front of the camera? You had bad experiences with photographers in the past, but still want some solid shots of your loved ones? Well GOOD NEWS...


My heart and drive is to create a safe, comfortable, loving, playful and connecting space for my clients where we don't just pose… we PLAY! With Photography, true authentic smiles and laughter ONLY comes through genuine connection, comfort and play! Now, I can hear a good handful of dads and men out there skeptical and grumbling already. Well hear me out… what If I told you I make the time fly by so fast you wouldn’t even know your 30 minutes has passed? What If I told you that I focus on getting your kids engaged so you can sit back and focus on playing with them and having fun? Pictures were not meant to be stressful. They were meant to bring connection, purpose, joy, laughter and togetherness. So let’s have fun and let me create YOUR experience next!

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“Photography is the art of making memories tangible.”

33891 Shaver Springs Rd. Auberry, CA 93602