Mentorship courses

Whether your a mom that wants to learn the basics of taking better photos of your kids or a photographer that wants to grow your skills & business in the industry, i offer a variety of mentorships in hopes to help everyone! I love sharing my knowledge and tools i've learned over the years to help people in my community and field (like you) excel in whichever way you need. Check out the courses and mentorship packages below and let’s get you feeling confident behind the lens!

1-on-1 Basic mentorship


Included in this mentorship package:

-3 hour mentorship meeting

This Basic mentorship package holds the most variety of options. As you select what you want to focus on and learn... we custom design our time to uniquely gear it to your needs and vision. You will be given a questionnaire prior that will help guide how we spend our time so we can hit the ground running during our mentorship session!

1-ON-1 deluxe MENTORSHIP


Included in this mentorship package:

-3 hour mentorship meeting

You will fill out a questionnaire prior that will allow me to narrow down and hyper focus on the things you desire to learn and grow in. These things will be the focus of our time and then we will process how to implement those in the session following.

-40 minute mentorship lifestyle session

We get hands on and slow things down a bit so I can walk you through in real time what my processing is and apply all that we learned in the 3 hour mentorship meeting prior

-1.5 hour post session processing meeting

We will use this time to wrap up our time together, process anything that you'd like to following our mentorship session and modeled session time. I offer to use this time if any photographer wants to learn any basic editing in Lightroom or pick my brain on how i do what i do on the editing side of things as well.

Camera basics 101 COurse


This class (up to 10 people) is for anyone who owns a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and wants to learn HOW to use it and HOW to shoot manual! With almost a decade of professional experience, I am here as your personal mentor to leave you feeling confident with your camera! Don't be intimidated anymore by the millions of buttons and settings. 

Included in this mentorship package:

This 3.5 hour workshop class breaks down the core foundational functions and settings for you into easy to understand concepts. If you want to step into your photography dreams, whether its to take better pictures of your children/family, to pursue it as a hobby, take better scenic pictures on your vacations or you would like to start your journey towards a photography business... THIS is the class for you! Let me help launch you into your photography dreams!