Ly Family

“We absolutely adored our session with her! We were very impressed and appreciative that she invested so much effort in connecting with our son. He was so intrigued by her humor and personality that the session went flawlessly. We also could not have asked for anyone more patience and willing to work with us and our children, which made it so much more stress free for everyone. We loved the entire gallery and think she did an excellent job capturing the essence of our little family!”

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The story of a photographer

Established in 2018

Located: Shaver Lake, CA

My husband and I were youth pastors for about 8 years. Somewhere along the way, some of our graduating seniors had asked me if i knew how to take grad photos (knowing that photography has been in my blood since i was younger just as a hobby and something I enjoyed). I grabbed my dad’s old hand me down DSLR camera and tried it out. I was hooked ever since. 


It was a small and slow progression over the years but I started to offer our seniors free portraits as a ministry every year. Soon enough, by word of mouth, I had inquiries for all kinds of different sessions and events. This is when I knew I had found my passion. After countless free sessions, shooting my camera everyday in the mundane routine of life and of my kids, after tons of research, studying, reaching out to other professional photographers and growing my style and art... I have now been a professional photographer since 2018. Those years of pouring into this profession prior was worth every minute and dime.

My Mission is to create a safe, comfortable, playful and connecting space for my clients where we don't just pose… we PLAY! True Authentic smiles and laughter ONLY comes through genuine connection, comfort and stress free environment. Now, I can hear a good handful of dad’s out there skeptical and grumbling already. Well hear me out… what If I told you I make the time fly by so fast you wouldn’t even know your 30 minutes has passed? What If I told you that I focus on getting your kids engaged so you can sit back and focus on playing with them and having fun? Pictures were never intended to be stressful. They were meant to bring connection, purpose, joy, laughter and togetherness. So let’s have fun creating memories with your loved ones, capturing each amazing milestone this life journey brings our way. I promise you won’t regret it.

Tay Davidson