what do i wear for my Spring session?

I get this question a lot, which inspired me to write out a spring style guide to help accommodate my clients this year. This style guide is here to help you get ideas, tips and parameters for your spring outfits to help them turn out the best they can be! From what I have gathered over the years is that most families (myself included!) are on a limited budget and want to figure out how to put together outfits with items we have at home, leaving our spending to a minimum IF possible. Well my hope is that this guide would be perfect for you. I hope it sparks ideas and invokes creativity for your outfits this year. Let’s get started!

best colors

Rule #1: Wear Nuetral/Earthy tones, light spring colors or dusty/muted tones.

Education time: When you wear saturated colors such as bright/bold orange, pink, yellow or red tones, these colors reflect onto your skin and it is nearly impossible to edit out! Earthy tones (cream, taupe, beige, WHITE, navy blue, dusty blue, olive green, eucalyptus green, browns, sage etc.), light spring colors (pinks, blues, greens, creams, etc), and dusty/muted colors have the best accuracy to matching MOST skin tones. WHITE is the BEST for wildflowers! Pairing neutrals to a spring color tend to be the best blend in an outfit!

If you have incredibly FAIR skin, I would suggest finding a color that contrasts your skin (darker color). If you have a darker shade or tint to your skin, I would suggest finding a lighter color tone to help contrast your skin. It’s all about balance. I have put some options below of tons of color palettes for your scrolling pleasure. Please feel free to use these as inspiration for your spring outfit colors! (See below)

prints/ patterns

Rule #2: Wear SOLID COLORS with the exception of 1 or 2 MILD/SMALL prints/patterns on family members.

Now again, it is all about balance. Patterns, Prints are SO FUN. However, I will say that over the years from my experience with shooting very bold and “in your face” patterns, it takes away from the clients face and ambiance of the gorgeous setting of the session. So my rule of thumb has been to stick with solid colors and allow for NO MORE THAN 2 mild/small patterns or printed clothing pieces.

Don’t over think it, because again… we are wanting to work with what you have and not have to spend tons of money on clothing you or your kids will end up wearing once. It’s just to get you thinking about what you are putting together and how it compliments or takes away from the over all goal and look of the session.

props/ accessories

Rule #3: Accessories bring details, texture, uniqueness and more variety in shots to your session.. Wear them if you have them!

Here is a list of accessories that I suggest thinking about in including with your outfits: Hats (MY FAVE), boots, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, light flowy wraps or jean jackets, ultrasound or baby shoes (maternity), Blanket for sitting or throwing up in the air for kids to run under, Benches or chairs (I've had many families bring them and they end up looking awesome!) or anything else you’d like to bring to make your session unique!


Rule #4: Wear something that is comfortable, that has movement & is Flowy (children/women) if possible.

Texture is a MASSIVE game changer to how photos turn out in the end results. Women & children who wear long, flowy, moveable dresses and clothing items provide SO MUCH movement and a natural/authentic looks to the photos!

For children who are able to run for our games and prompts with this type of textured clothing... you can see that movement in those photos and it feels like they are in their natural element. The more material, long and flattering flowy dresses you can fan back and forth with the better! Having moveable clothing gives tons more variety to your pictures.

(Keep scrolling down for online options)

on where to start shopping for men, women and children clothing! I’ve put together some of my favorite links for you!


Need ideas on where to shop?

Here are some convenient links for you to explore some amazing options for women, men and children clothing.

Please know, this is only a resource if you would like help on knowing where to start. These are some of my favorite places!

I also LOVE when clients want to send pictures or personally want my help putting together outfits for their families.

It is seriously so much fun for me! So feel free to text me pictures of outfits when you're shopping or if you’re home mixing and matching.

I want to make myself available as much as you need in the process!

Happy Shopping :)